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Expats need a global health insurance policy they can rely on.
Compare quotes from trusted International Health insurers with plans designed for global expats.

Global Health Insurancefor expats

Get worldwide medical insurance protection for you and your family while living in China.
Create a plan are designed to meet your requirements and budget.
International health insurance cover you can depend on.

Global Health Insurance

Compare expat health insurance plans from international health insurers.

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Not only do we help you quote and compare china health insurance plans from leading insurers, we also recommend plans that suit your lifestyle and any future plans, be that a planned pregnancy in China or relocation home or to another destination.

The Chinese healthcare and medical system can be extremely confusing to foreign nationals. With the increased privatization of many medical facilities around the country, and a complex rating system, it is not easy to know where to go for treatment. At Global Expats we have extensive local knowledge and can help you to receive the quality healthcare that you deserve.

Global Expats helped me find the right China insurance plan for my pregnancy and delivery at a International hospital in Shanghai.

Maria Jansen

Trailing Spouse Housewife

Being from the UK now living in China, this was my first time enrolling in a health insurance plan. Global Expats explained everything in terms I could understand.

John Bradway

Education Consultant

Global Expats did a great job reducing my families health insurance premium and also the cost of the medical insurance benefits of our foreign employees.

David Zemel

Supply Chain Manager

I travel frequently and visit home often, Global Expats found me a plan with worldwide and US coverage at a reasonable cost.

Michelle Zhang

International Sales Executive