Cambodia Expat Health Insurance

Are you a new expat in Cambodia who is planning to open a business in Siem Reap or Tonlé Sap? Or are you one of those who want to experience the hustle and bustle of big metropolises such as Phnom Penh in a fuss-free way? No matter who you are, the idea of living and travelling around Cambodia is exciting—but it comes with health hazards.

So to avoid these hazards and focus on exploring Cambodia, you need to be with us—the team at Expat Health Group (EHG).

We are a health insurance specialist for almost two decades, now. During this period, we have successfully served expatriates across the world. Thanks to our rich experience, we have become experts in tailoring the finest health insurance plans in Cambodia. But before jumping to the plans that we offer, let us know more about Cambodian healthcare ecosystem.

Understanding Cambodian healthcare

Many Cambodian healthcare facilities have limited supplies and barely meet Western standards. So just in case you have an emergency or any other urgent health care need, visit Phnom Penh or other big cities for receiving treatment in internationally run hospitals and clinics.

Plus, as an expatriate, you should even look for health insurance plans that cover everything ranging from evacuation to basic medical care. Remember, medical coverage outside Cambodian cities is basic at best; that is why many expatriates in Cambodia often want to seek medical care in Singapore.

Now that you know about Cambodian healthcare landscape, let us understand how you can navigate it better with us.

Expat Health Group—delivering the best health insurance solutions in Cambodia

We, at EHG, have a team of specialists who deliver tailored health insurance solutions for expats in Cambodia. Our solutions cover a range of medical treatments in case of an emergency. We even have health insurance plans that cover the most basic doctor visits including wellness and dental costs.

If, however, you are looking for maternity insurance or international life insurance, we have plans for these options as well. For delivering the best and customized health insurance plans, we have tie-ups with leading insurers in Cambodia and other parts of the world.

So whether you are looking for health insurance plans for yourself, your family, aircrews, pilots, corporate groups, international schools, or even gas and oil workers, we have them all.

Now, do not wait. As an expat in Cambodia, you deserve health insurance that covers you in the best possible way. And that is what we deliver,  get in touch with us and receive your free quote today.

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When it is about healthcare in Cambodia, medical equipment and healthcare facilities may not meet international standards that many expatriates are used to. So, if you are relocating to Cambodia, you have to understand that advanced healthcare is limited.

If you are planning to relocate to Cambodia and fall ill or get injured, you need to be airlifted to Bangkok or Singapore. Because Bangkok and Singapore are the nearby places where the quality of care is better than what is offered in Cambodia.

For this reason, it is better to have a good medical insurance plan that is tailored especially for expats like you. Before we delve deeper into healthcare insurance options in Cambodia, it is better to understand the present-day Cambodian healthcare landscape.

Healthcare in Cambodia

Expats who are living in Cambodia always favor private clinics and hospitals for receiving medical care and treatments. The clinics in the country usually offer general medical treatments—while the specialist departments can be found only in hospitals.

For instance, the private clinics and hospitals in Phnom Penh offer medicals translation services and even evacuations as and when needed. These medical establishments generally hire staff and doctors that are trained in Western countries.

On the other hand, public Cambodian hospitals are either understaffed or poorly equipped. And if you travel outside Phnom Penh, then your options of receiving quality healthcare gets fewer than ever.

So, all in all, the bottom line is that you need to have a very good healthcare insurance solution that’s customized for expats only.

And that is where Expat Health Group (EHG) steps in.

Expat Health Group—getting the coverage you need in Cambodia

At EHG, we bring good healthcare coverage for expatriates like you who are in Cambodia. Our insurance plans can be tailored to suit your lifestyle and nature of work. For bringing the best possible healthcare insurance, we have a squad of healthcare insurance specialists. These people have what it takes to design the plans that are meant for an expatriate in Cambodia.

As we have dedicatedly served expats from different countries for the last 15 years, we have tied up with a lot of Cambodian insurers. That is how we have the expertise in letting you find the right insurance plan for yourself—something that will aptly fit your requirements.

Our insurance solutions cover different medical treatments and even maternity. Besides, we can offer international life insurance and other solutions where you get comprehensive coverage for dental care, wellness, and doctor visits.

This company even offers dedicated insurance solutions for families and individuals, aircrews and pilots, corporate groups, international school, and gas and oil workers.

So, what are you waiting for? If you are an expat in search of reliable insurance specialists, then get in touch with us and obtain your free quote today.

American Expats health insurance in Cambodia

When you are in Cambodia as an American expat, it is better to get the best healthcare coverage. By having good healthcare insurance in your corner, you will take care of your and your family’s medical needs.

Cambodia is specifically not a dangerous place to be in—its roads are, however. Basic medical care in Cambodia is not that expensive, but there are a lot of medical procedures and more red tape especially if you are not covered.

Travel insurance or expat-tailored health insurance?

Most American expats in Cambodia only use travel insurance. For all those who are visiting Cambodia for a short interval and who are covered by an American healthcare system, it is definitely a responsible option. After all, travel insurance costs less than health insurance for expats. But, remember, travel insurance will only give a level of coverage that is enough to just stabilize you. Basically, travel insurance is meant for holidaymakers for covering cancellations, emergency medical treatments, and the theft of personal belongings.

The scope of expat health insurance in Cambodia is wider, however. It is wider than what is covered by run-of-the-mill travel insurance. So if you have a international health insurance, you will get the cover for inpatient treatment and continuing check-ups for chronic conditions overseas. As a point of difference, international medical insurance will let you have treatment in Cambodia. On the other hand, travel insurance will want you to return back home for continuing the treatment.

So, the bottom line is that if you are an American expat in Cambodia, you should get international health insurance.

This is where Expat Health Group (EHG) steps in.

Expat Health Group—experience the best healthcare that Cambodia has to offer

We, at EHG, bring the best and most appropriate Cambodian healthcare coverage at the best possible rate for complementing your lifestyle. We have a team of health insurance specialists who can design plans that are specifically meant for American expatriates located in Cambodia.

Since we have served expats for close to two decades, we have built associations with all major international insurers.

Our extensive expertise-backed experience will let us find the best insurance plan and insurer suiting your requirements. We offer top-class insurance solutions that cover different and major medical treatments; they offer maternity insurance plans. That is not all as we even give comprehensive coverage for doctor visits, dental care, and wellness. Aside from offering the best insurance plans, we even understand the technicalities of emergency coverage and hospitalization in Cambodia.

The company even provides insurance solutions for individuals and families, corporate groups, pilots and aircrews, gas and oil workers, international schools, and whatnot. And just in case you are looking for an international life insurance, then we offer that as well.