Corporate Health Insurance Group Plans

Group health insurance plans for expats are often much better than an individual plan when it comes to coverage. Group policies are often much better at providing for pre-existing conditions, while most individual policies do not offer coverage for pre-existing conditions. This type of policy is often referred to as MHD, which stands for ‘medical history disregarded’. In group policies, insurers are usually happier to cover pre-existing conditions because they are getting group premiums, which are generally very good.

Corporate Health Insurance for Expats can also include an excess, also known as a deductible that will help to keep the cost of your premiums low and keep administration to a minimum. Our advisors can designed your group policy to allow different employees to get different types of benefits and coverage. You can customise your group plans to include dental benefits, medical evacuation, personal accident costs, maternity benefits and a variety of other options.

It is also possible for a member who has left the group to move from the group plan to an individual plan. The coverage for pre-existing conditions will still stay the same if this is the case. This can be an advantage for the member. It is also worth remembering that group policies are not usually country specific so if one person is moving to a different country then their cover would just move with them.