Moving to Malaysia? Well, then, consider investing in a good health insurance plan that is designed especially for expats. When it comes to getting the best insurance plans for expats in Malaysia, it comes down to expat health insurance delivered by our team at Global Expats.

As a country, Malaysia has risen as a reliable place for investments. Most foreign health care companies are putting capital in Malaysia. That is why you will find a visible rise in the standard of treatment available in this country.

Recent reports suggest that the expats in Malaysia are coming in droves because of the country’s excellent medical treatment. What is more? The cost of this medical treatment is low when compared to the cost charged in many Western countries.

However, as an expat, you can easily experience the country’s quality health care if you have a good medical plan in your corner. Buying a health insurance plan for expats in Malaysia before you decide to relocate is a wise decision. This way, rest assured that in case of an accident, you will receive high-quality medical care without even worrying about the steep bills charged by healthcare facilities.

That is precisely where our health insurance plans kick into action

Global Expats health insurance plans for expats in Malaysia

EHG is a squad of medical insurance specialists. This team knows what it takes to deliver tailored health insurance options for expats. These medical insurance options are applicable to a variety of situations. These situations range from normal doctor visits to any form of medical emergency.

To be precise, the plans offered by EHG provide the coverage for dental care, maternity, wellness cost, to name a few. What else? This team of insurance specialists offers different international life insurance solutions. So in case you need one, you now know where to look.

So, what is the wait for? If you want to get the best and most reliable health insurance for expats in Malaysia, then EHG will be your choice. And just in case you are confused as to which insurance plan you should choose, connect with the company’s sales team.

These salespeople understand health insurance inside out. This way, they will be extremely helpful to let you get the right medical coverage for your money. Now, get connected with one of our sales reps or browse through the different plans that we offer.

  • Compare your health insurance options with our easy-to-use medical insurance comparisons
  • Find out which health insurance plans meet your budget and your needs
  • Your comparison presents clear Information on the price, out-of-pocket payments, which types of hospital and which countries are covered.

Health insurance guide for expats in Malaysia

Malaysia is known for its rich mix of Malay, Indian, Chinese, and European culture. Also, the region is known for its stunning beaches, developing economy, and vibrant cities. Because of these reasons, Malaysia has risen as one of the most popular choices for expats.

As an expat, you might already be in love with this South East Asian country. However, before spending your time in Malaysia for education or work, you need to know about the region’s healthcare landscape. Being a wise expat, you should factor in different health insurance coverage options available.

However, before diving deep into different health insurance plans, it is time to know in detail about the healthcare landscape in Malaysia.

Healthcare in Malaysia

Malaysia does not have any national health service, but it does have a proper system that subsidizes the medical treatment’s rates for the country’s citizens. The Ministry of Health governs public healthcare in Malaysia. This system is jointly funded by employers, state, and residents.

In this country, the medical services can be leveraged at private and public clinics and hospitals. As public healthcare is economical, most government-funded hospitals are almost always overcrowded. However, public healthcare facilities are only accessible by Malaysian nationals. As of now, the government does not have tie-ups with other countries for forming any reciprocal healthcare policy. On the other hand, private healthcare is expensive. Because Malaysia’s private medical establishments often boast some of the best facilities.

Since private medical establishment’s cost often becomes unaffordable for expats, it is better to invest in a health insurance plan. It is better to invest in a plan that is designed for expats living in Malaysia.

That is where Global Expats comes in.

Global Expats: Bringing reliability to medical coverage for expats in Malaysia

At EHG, we are a reliable team of health insurance specialists. This team is fully committed to introducing the best medical coverage options for expats who are living in Malaysia. The best part is that these medical coverage plans can be tailored to fit your lifestyle and budget.

For customizing the best medical insurance solutions for expats, we have associated with trusted providers in the international insurance world. Because of our collaborative approach, we have risen as a credible insurance specialist for different expats living in Malaysia.

Our insurance plans offer coverage for evacuation, doctor visit, medical emergency, dental costs, and maternity. Before providing these insurance options, we have a number of plans related to international life insurance as well.

Now, get connected with our sales rep and get the best health insurance coverage not only for yourself but also for your family, international schools, aircrews and pilots, and oil and gas workers.

American Expats health insurance in Malaysia

Whether you are living as an expatriate in Malaysia or are still planning to move to this South East Asian country, we, at Global Expats, have got your back. We, as an expat insurance specialist, have everything you’ll need to streamline your transition from your homeland to Malaysia.

No doubt, as an expat, you’ll always want peace of mind the moment when you start living in Malaysia. And, definitely, you’ll need well-recognized and comprehensive medical coverage—that’s one of the most important ingredients in achieving that peace of mind.

So, first of all, let us navigate the healthcare landscape in Malaysia.

Healthcare in Malaysia

This South East Asian country offers a number of world-class private and public medical facilities. But the country does not have a proper health insurance scheme or any sort of agreements. In 2011, however, the Malaysian government introduced a specialized scheme. That is how health insurance has become somewhat mandatory for every foreign worker in Malaysia. However, this scheme does not offer any long-term benefit of expats.

That is why the insurance market for US expats in Malaysia is very limited. That is where we and our range of health insurance schemes come into play.

Global Expats – bringing reliability to expat health insurance in Malaysia

At EHG, we provide a vast range of health insurance schemes. These plans can be conveniently tweaked as per your budget and needs. What else? We even offer a wide array of plans for protecting corporate groups, families, international school staff, pilots and aircrew, and gas and oil workers. You just name it.

To be precise, we’ve developed different medical coverage options that are customized to fit your lifestyle. Because of that, we have associations with a number of medical insurance agencies. That is why we can offer insurance plans that provide the coverage for medical emergencies, general wellness, maternity, dental care, and whatnot.

What is more? These plans even offer coverage for normal doctor visits, too. Last but not least, if you are finding international life insurance, we offer that as well.

So, what is the wait for? If you want a medical insurance plan that is designed for expats like you, then get in touch with EHG right away. One of our insurance experts will be more than happy to help you with picking the insurance plan that fits your lifestyle best.

  • Compare your health insurance options with our easy-to-use medical insurance comparisons
  • Find out which health insurance plans meet your budget and your needs
  • Your comparison presents clear Information on the price, out-of-pocket payments, which types of hospital and which countries are covered.

With our easy-to-use medical insurance comparison, you will never pay more than you need to.