Health insurance is a must-have especially for expats who are battling against the stress caused by relocation. By getting medical coverage in Myanmar for you and your near and dear ones, you will put your mind at ease. First off, a good health insurance plan will reduce the waiting time in getting a medical treatment. Second, having good health insurance gives you more choices with respect to accessing healthcare establishments and treatments in the country.

Overall, good health insurance is the one that lets you deal with emergency situations and even removes financial burdens.

But finding the right health insurance that is meant for expats is easier said than done. Since there are so many options out there, you are likely to get confused. Well, that is precisely where Expat Health Group (EHG) comes into play.

Expat Health Group—providing trusted health insurance in Myanmar

At EHG, we have the best health insurance specialists in business. Because of our experienced team, we are able to deliver tailored health insurance solutions across Myanmar. And as far as these insurance plans go, we can provide the best coverage for every major medical treatment that is usually opted during an emergency.

Wait, there is more because we even have insurance plans that also cover regular doctor visits. Then, there are plans that cover dental and wellness costs as well. We even have a maternity insurance solution for everyone who is planning to start a family in Myanmar. And in case you are looking forward to getting international life insurance, then we offer that as well.

In short, when you are with us, you will get a lot of health insurance solutions that will make you spoiled for choice. Since we are a team of reliable insurance specialists, we have remained in business for nearly two decades. For such a long period, we have successfully served expatriates in Myanmar.

For offering top-class health insurance plans, we have partnered with leading insurance providers worldwide and in Myanmar as well. That is precisely why we have never faced any sort of challenge when we need to deliver the best insurance plans for expats.

In our insurance plans, we provide solutions for individuals and families, international schools, oil and gas workers, corporate groups, and aircrew and pilots.

So, what are you waiting for? If you want health insurance in Myanmar, get in touch with us right away.

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Bordered by India, Thailand, and China, Myanmar is located in Southeast Asia. This country boasts a range of beautifully constructed temples, excellent food, and friendly people. And as the restrictions and barriers for entering into Myanmar are coming down, more people plan to move there.

That is not all—some companies are planning to invest in the country. As an expatriate, your biggest consideration before relocating to Myanmar should be healthcare. So, before going through anything else, let us understand Myanmar’s existing healthcare landscape.

Healthcare in Myanmar

Over the past five decades, healthcare development in Myanmar has been very slow. Being the last South East Asian country to open its doors to foreign investors, Myanmar’s healthcare landscape has suffered years of neglect.

As the country’s government has spent a pittance on its healthcare, Myanmar has continually grappled with the most basic problems of communicable diseases. To top it all, the country even lacks any robust administrative public health capacity.

Because of these factors alone, any expatriate in Myanmar will want to get international medical coverage.

And when it comes to getting the best health insurance in Myanmar for expats, it comes down to us—Expat Health Group or EHG.

Expat Health Group: Bringing the best medical coverage for expats in Myanmar

We, the team of health insurance specialists in EHG, are dedicated to bringing the best medical coverage options for expats like you in Myanmar. Our medical coverage can be customized to fit your lifestyle and other health-related needs.

For tailoring the best health insurance solutions for you, we have associated with insurance providers from all over the world. We, along with you, design a plan that fits your need and budget well. Our collaborative approach has helped us become one of the most trusted insurance specialists for many expats.

Our range of health insurance plans gives coverage for evacuation, maternity, dental cost, medical emergency, and even doctor visits. Besides offering these medical insurance options, we even have dedicated plans for anyone who is looking forward to obtaining international life insurance.

So, if you are looking for health insurance solutions for yourself, family, corporate groups, international schools, aircrews and pilots, or gas and oil workers, you are in the right place. Now, do not wait. If you are an expat in Myanmar who wants the best medical coverage, connect with us and get your free quote.

American Expats health insurance in Myanmar

Sometimes referred to as Burma, Myanmar is a diverse and beautiful country. Anyone who relocates to this country is amazed by the richness of the land’s history, culture, and, most importantly, lifestyle.

So, if you are an American expat in Myanmar, you might see yourself spending a large part of the week in super-busy Yangon traffic. Similarly, you might even see yourself enjoying your weekends at Ngapali beach. Long story short, your life in Myanmar may see you going from jungles to cities to even pagodas. That means your life as an expatriate in Myanmar is filled with adventure and amazement.

However, whenever you take those unplanned trips across the country, you might have to face unexpected accidents or other health hazards.

But what if these unexpected health hazards are taken care of?

Well, then, you will be able to enjoy your life in Myanmar. That’s where we, at Expat Health Group (EHG), come into play. Since we’ve got your back as far as unplanned health issues go, you will be able to live your life in a fuss-free way.

Expat Health Group—the best of healthcare that Myanmar brings to the table

At EHG, we deliver the most appropriate health insurance plans to American expats who are relocated in Myanmar. These insurance plans are tailored to suit the lifestyle of every expat. What else? We have a team of insurance specialists who have tie-ups with leading international insurance companies in Myanmar.

As we have served expats in Myanmar for nearly two decades, we have a track record of success in delivering the most suitable insurance plans. What else? We offer world-class insurance solutions for expats like you so that you are covered for medical treatments including maternity, dental, and wellness. Our insurance solutions will even give comprehensive coverage in case you make a visit to a doctor. Last but not least, we even offer international life insurance plans for all those who are interested in getting one.

But how do we deliver so many good health insurance solutions to the expatriates in Myanmar? Well, it is because we know the technicalities going behind hospitalization and coverage in the country. That is why we offer insurance solutions for corporate groups, pilots and aircrews, individuals and families, international schools, and gas and oil workers. You just name it.

So, find an expatriate-ready health insurance quote from us right away—and get the ultimate protection you deserve as an American expat.