Life Insurance

International Expat Life Insurance

You can access global life insurance policies and get income protection insurance while you are living overseas.

If the worst should happen you can secure the financial future and lifestyle of your family should the worst happen while you are living in another country.

Expat Global life insurance and income protection

Our policies for global life insurance and income protection are designed for those who want to have a balanced insurance portfolio for their time in another country. Our life & income plans will keep your family’s finances balanced if you are not able to earn money as you would normally. The plans are truly international so no matter where you are working you can be sure that you have financial security for your family.

International life insurance plans offer the opportunity to protect the family finances with an affordable policy.

If the worst were to happen to you then your family or your business would be left vulnerable. Your family could be financially secure if you were not there, thanks to a global life insurance plan that can offer you cover until the age of 70. If the worst does happen your family will receive a lump-sum for that financial security.