Oil & gas worker health insurance

There are large numbers of oil and gas workers around the world, but areas such as Africa and the Middle East have thousands of workers in this industry. Many of the workers are expats from Europe and the USA and one of their main concerns when they move abroad is healthcare.

Most workers in this industry will benefit from a good expat healthcare insurance policy that is provided by their employer as part of their benefits package but this may not be the case for everyone so it is a good idea to check the details to ensure that the coverage is comprehensive and meets the needs of you and your family.

For the worker it is widely considered that the provision of a healthcare policy is the second most important aspect of their contract after the salary. Some of the areas in which you may be working could be remote or you may not have immediate access to good quality healthcare – your policy should be able to help you out if you find yourself in either of these situations. You should also consider if the policy only covers you or if it offers coverage for your family too. Your employer is under no obligation to provide your family with healthcare insurance but some do.

Obtaining health insurance as a gas & oil worker

Global Expats has years of experience working with both employers and employees in the gas and oil industries. The international insurance for oil & gas workers can offer features such as annual check-ups, medical evacuation and repatriation. Some policies may include personal accident coverage which gives round the clock coverage for accidental death or disablement while you are living and working abroad.

Employers can add group life insurance, employer’s liability and a compensation scheme to their policies to provide further peace of mind for their employees. If these features are something you would like to consider adding to a policy all you have to do is discuss it with a member of the team at Global Expats .

A number of providers offer specialist health insurance policies for this industry and will offer additional cover for unforeseen events such as a cancer diagnosis or the provision of a second opinion. A second opinion is something that many expat workers feel is an essential part of their cover – it can be difficult when starting a new life to be sure of the standard of medical care and sometimes a second opinion can offer more peace of mind.

Medical evacuation is often a standard part of a healthcare policy for oil and gas workers because of the remote locations that they often work in. The policy will then ensure that you are taken to the nearest suitable medical facility if treatment is needed.

Health insurance exclusions

You should be aware that in some cases a healthcare insurance policy will not cover those who have already been diagnosed with a chronic condition. This is because the insurer already knows that the policy holder will be making a claim regardless of what else happens. If you do have a chronic condition it is very important to make the insurer aware of this from the beginning. You may be able to get a policy that covers everything but the chronic condition but there may also be insurers that will happily cover some pre-existing conditions. The same regulations apply in the case of some allergies – some insurers would prefer not to offer cover for this type of treatment and you would need to ensure that you have the means to pay for this treatment yourself.

Arranging your oil and gas worker health insurance

Getting the insurance that you need could not be easier. Global Expats has a team of professionals who are on hand to help you to get the oil and gas workers insurance that you need. We have good working relationships with many leading international healthcare insurance providers and have access to the right policies for you. Our team will take your details and make sure that we find a policy that is suitable for you.

When you call us make sure that you have all the relevant information to hand about yourself and any member of your family that you need to arrange cover for. We can provide you with a no obligation quote and can answer any questions that you may have. Why not call us today and find out just how easy it is to get the peace of mind that you need for your new life abroad?