Pilot Health Insurance

If you are an international airline pilot a member of the cabin crew the thought of arranging healthcare cover can be quite daunting. This work presents a very different lifestyle than most have and this will need to be taken into consideration when planning the right healthcare policy for you.

The busy lifestyle of a pilot can make it very difficult to sort out making a claim if you have had to visit a GP or hospital and it can also be a problem if you have moved abroad with a family too. They will not need to have the same global cover as you do because they will not be doing as much travelling. There is so much to consider when you are working out which policy you are going to need.

What coverage does an airline pilot need?

Flexibility for your health coverage is very important when you are an airline pilot. In most cases the pilot will be in different places on different days of the week and it would be very difficult to tell the insurance company exactly where you are going to be and when every day of the year. For this reason a truly global policy is needed, one that will cover you for working in the USA one day and in Asia the next. It does not matter where you are actually living, any illness will not wait patiently until you return home! The nature of the work means that if you are feeling ill you will not be able to do your job safely and it is important that you seek treatment no matter where you are.

Flying regularly can have an impact on your health. It is tiring and can leave you feeling very drained. Cabin crew and pilots could find that they suffer from illnesses more than other people, even those who consider themselves to be frequent flyers. Factors such as the constant change in air pressure, arriving and departing different climates frequently and the change in time zones can make it hard to stay healthy. The right health insurance package in place means that you can visit the doctor when needed and deal with any issues as soon as they arise.

Cover provided by employer

In many cases, due to the nature of the work, the airline pilot’s employer will provide a policy as part of the contract of work, particularly if you have had to relocate to a new area. Employers do understand that having healthy employees is important, especially when they are doing an important job such as flying a plane! Employees that have private healthcare insurance are more likely to take advantage of it to have regular check-ups and make sure that those seemingly minor symptoms are nothing to worry about.

If your employer does offer private healthcare insurance for pilots it is a good idea to make sure that you check exactly what you are covered for. It may be that the policy is for emergency medical treatment only, or it only covers you and not your family. If either of these instances apply you will need to speak to a professional team about arranging the additional cover that you need. Global Expats is well-placed to compare international health insurance for pilots to find the right policy.

How to arrange cover

Despite the problems that airline pilots can face when trying to arrange health cover, there is a solution. Global Expats has worked hard to develop the right network of healthcare insurance providers so that we can make sure that you are matched with the right cover. This network provides healthcare policies suitable for almost every country in the world, so no matter what your requirements we should not have any difficulty in finding a policy that gives you the peace of mind that you are looking for.

All you have to do to get the healthcare policy that you need is to call a member of our team today for a quote. We will take all your details and work out which policy will best meet your needs. The cost of a policy may also be a concern for some, as with some healthcare insurance providers the price will rise because of the flexibility that is essential for airline pilots, but Global Expats can ensure that the policy that you get will offer value for money.