Living in a healthier manner doesn’t necessarily mean spending more money on a day-to-day basis. In fact, here are ten easy methods to help you both save money and live a healthier life.

Make the world your gym – improve your health by making a steady, consistent commitment to exercise 3-4 days weekly for at least 30 minutes. Try going for a run in the park or find some form of local activity that suits your interests. Hopefully, you will note the changes before long and be motivated to continue your exercise program.
Go generic – generic drugs cost less than their brand-name equivalents. Most insurers have higher co-pays for brand-name drugs, so using generic medications can mean a cost savings both for you and for the health care system. But check with your doctor and your pharmacist about what’s available as a generic.
Develop a good, professional relationship with your physician – a primary care doctor who knows you, your medical history, and current circumstances is better equipped to give you advice that will keep you healthy. However, this commitment is no one-way street. You’ve got to stick with the program and ensure that you’re getting regular check-ups and adhering to the lifestyle changes can keep chronic diseases under control.
Improve your diet – take a serious look at your eating habits and determine where there is room for improvement. Start slowly and give yourself time to adjust to new eating habits. Make a list of healthy foods to add to your regular grocery list and look for recipes to find new ways to incorporate them into your meals.
Cigarettes and alcohol – it’s always best if you can refrain from drinking alcohol and smoking, but if you must, limit your intake as much as you can. Excessive consumption can take its toll on your organs and can put you at risk for health problems in your old age.
Drink plenty of water – water is the ultimate health beverage. We can easily become dehydrated, especially during the summer season or in hot weather climates. Drinking plenty of water keeps the body properly hydrated, flushes toxins from our digestive system and keeps our skin healthy.
Have some fun! – Adults need playtime just as much as anybody else. So, as much as you can afford to, try to engage in whatever activities are fun for you. So much of our lives are spent dealing with our responsibilities that we forget the much-needed balance that a break can provide.
Learn what makes you unwind – our days are often filled with high levels of stress. Take measures to relieve that stress by trying some activities that have worked for others. Meditate, take a warm bath, get a massage, read a good book or take a long walk. If you can, get away for the weekend or just retreat into yourself for the day. Do whatever helps you to relax.
Spend time with friends and family – it’s important to have others around that care. Emotional support and encouragement can help you overcome difficulties in your own life. And, give it back, both for whoever needs you and for yourself. Helping a friend or loved one should always be done in the interest of another, but the action in itself can also bring self-satisfaction.
Find ways to keep active at work – foot tapping, rocking, bouncing your legs, and other restless movements can burn somewhere around 120 calories an hour, depending on your weight and age. Instead of sitting perfectly still, move some part of your body and try to keep as active as possible while you work (without disrupting your co-workers too much, of course).
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