Vietnam is quickly becoming a very popular relocation choice among different expatriates. The reasons for that include a low cost of living, a better quality of life, and high earning potential. However, as an expat who is moving to Vietnam, you will find a healthcare system that is still evolving.

That is why it makes sense to have health insurance that will cover you, your family, or your co-workers. And that is where we, at Expat Health Group (EHG), steps in.

We are a team of health insurance specialists who have served expats in Vietnam for nearly two decades. In this period, we have catered to the different health insurance needs of expats. But just before knowing about the different insurance plans we offer, let us explore the Vietnamese healthcare ecosystem in detail.

Exploring Vietnamese healthcare

Right now, there are a lot of plans in development to revolutionize the world of healthcare for Vietnamese residents. The quality of basic medical care, however, is good in urban centers. But the moment you shift to a rural setting, the quality takes a hit.

That is why more and more expatriates and Vietnamese citizens opt for medical services in private hospitals. It is because the private medical infrastructure is well equipped with services and staff of international standards. However, the cost of these privately established medical infrastructures may vary.

So, as an expat, you should never let affordability get in your way of receiving quality medical care. That is where our tailored health insurance plans will work for you.

Expat Health Group—health insurance plans from trusted partners

At EHG, we have a whole team of medical specialists who deliver custom health insurance solutions for expatriates in Vietnam. We deliver some of the best medical insurance solutions for a variety of situations ranging from a medical emergency to the most basic doctor visits.

Besides dealing with these situations, our plans may cover dental and wellness costs as well. Likewise, if you are looking forward to getting international life insurance or maternity insurance, then we have plans for them also. For tailoring and delivering these health insurance policies, we have tied up with top-class insurers in Vietnam and worldwide.

So if you are looking for health insurance for yourself or family or corporate groups or oil and gas workers or aircrews, we can offer the right solution.

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